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Are you training the handstand but feel stuck?

Stop doing only and exclusively general exercises like:
  • Handstand with stomach against the wall
  • Back to the wall
  • Freestanding kick-ups

During this 30' class

You will learn fundamental notions with PRACTICAL tests and exercises that you can use immediately to improve your handstand progress!

What is OHA?

The Online Handstand Academy (OHA) is the academy specialized in the discipline of handbalancing and we help people undertake specific pathways to achieve free handstand or the advanced elements of handstand 
( handstand push ups, one arm handstand, press to handstand and much more).

We have helped HUNDREDS of students (with proven results that you can check on our website) to make their training more conscious, fully understanding their technique and enabling them to achieve free handstand or the advanced elements 

Below you can quickly see some of them 


What do the students think about it

Watch now the free class

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