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I started the path with Francesco in January 2021, before I approached coaching with him, I was trying to learn how to do The Handstand as a self-taught but to no avail. In January I finally realized that if I wanted to learn how to do the Handstand, I had to get coaching and I finally decided to start the path with Francesco. The path of course is not easy, it involves trying, trying again, failing, almost succeeding, failing again and trying again but Francesco during the lessons gave me and still is giving me a lot of motivation and support. The lessons are nothing short of fantastic, Francesco has an amazing patience and passion. Besides following you in class he also follows you in the exercises you repeat during the week evaluating the videos you send . To finish I would recommend to be followed by Francesco whether you want to learn to do handstand or if you already know how to do it is you want to take the next step he is the right person to contact. Satisfaction guaranteed 110% and absolute professionalism.

What are you waiting for ? Start your path and experience for yourself what it means to be followed by Francesco.


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