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Fix this exercise for the HSPU

The fall you saw in the hspu is caused by a wrong motor pattern, developed in the basics

Is it possible to still push and arrive in handstand? Absolutely YES but by arcing the back and performing a movement that is not clean.

The V Push Up is one of the most important exercises for building strength and trajectory for hspu, and generally when you get to 10 reps you tend to abandon it, not realizing that the execution is bad.

Many times we focus on increasing the number of reps of hspu back the wall and then try to bring them into free standing.

I can tell you with certainty that this is one of the recurring mistakes of people who want to develop free standing HSPU,

they are in a hurry to do advanced propaedeutics, not realizing that they are not working on the right trajectory and crucial points of HSPU.

If performed well, the V Push Up is MUCH heavier than an HSPU performed back the wall 🥵

But it can make you much more transference for the movement in freestanding

So if you are in a hurry, re-focus on this exercise with the details seen in this video,

you will see that it will be much more strenuous but will finally allow you to develop the strength you so aspire to 💪🏻


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