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How to avoid twisting and falling

When you start working on the one arm, performing the twist to lean out of balance is mathematical.

This way your body senses that it is carrying more weight externally and will allow you to get your hand off the ground.

All good, until you actually get your hand off the ground and fall.

The twisting of your upper body also triggers the rotation of your shoulders and this leads you to fall 💡

Working on the coordination and isolation of twisting to learn to feel where the body is really placed will allow you to finally perform this correction and control the one arm.

There is one rule you need to know.

When you can't understand a correction or you don't perceive the movement,

execute the correction in an exaggerated way, make the body understand that it can perform large movements.

Also get the movement wrong with this correction you are performing, don't worry.

Afterwards just scale back the correction and make a smaller movement.

This rule applies to any movement, test it and you will see that it works.


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